Subculture Shapes the Behavior of Wine Enthusiasts

The wine subculture can be an interesting one.  An example of a cultural principle is that wine can communicate refinement and sophistication.  An example of a fashion system is a new form of housing wine for easy travel.  Valley Vineyards has created an Astrapouch that holds as much as two bottles of wine (and is a $3 savings off buying 2 separate bottles).VV_Astrapouch

Language is a big part of the wine subculture.  People unfamiliar with the wine enthusiastsubculture may have a difficult time with cultural translation.  Not including the types of wine in our vocabulary, the subculture frequently uses terms like acidity, alcohol content, aroma, balance, blend, blush, body, bouquet, breathe, clarity, corked, dry, earthy, fermentation, filtration, hybrid, late harvest, legs, mulled, nose, oaky, oxidized, pH, reserve, rose, sommelier, table, tannins, and vintage.  These can be very difficult to translate for people who are not part of the subculture.  Body language is also important while drinking wine.  For example, when you have a white wine you hold the glass by the stem; however, when drinking a red wine you hold it by the bowl of the glass.  Like the overarching American culture, the wine subculture is also low context where they say what they mean.  This happens a lot during wine tastings while describing wine.

If new to the wine enthusiast subculture, hopefully the aforementioned will help you navigate through the culture.

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