Tricky (Not-so-) “Free” Shipping from American Girl Store

Here’s a new marketing ploy I hadn’t heard of before.  I received an email from American Girl stating that Grace’s Baking Set was ½ off and they were offering free shipping if the baking set was ordered.

Thinking of my daughter’s upcoming birthday as well as Christmas, I got online at my lunch hour and put a bunch of items in my shopping cart (Grace’s Baking Set, a couple shirts, a coat, pajamas, etc.).  When I was ready to check out, I realized there was still a shipping charge.  I didn’t want to proceed while shipping was showing because shipping was supposed to be free.

I emailed American Girl’s Customer Service at 11:30am asking what code I needed to enter to ensure free shipping since the required promotional item (Grace’s Baking Set) was included in the cart.  I checked my email multiple times throughout the day as well as right before I went to bed.  No reply had been received.

Four days later at 5:30 pm I received an email stating that the promotional offer I was referring to expired.  (Clearly, it would be expired; it was a one-day promotion and THEY TOOK FOUR DAYS TO REPLY.)  In the reply, they also stated that the free shipping would have applied ONLY to Grace’s Baking set, no other items in my order.

A promotion where free shipping is only applied to one item and not others within the same order is a foreign concept to me.  I’ve heard of free shipping for any order, free shipping for an order of $50 or more, and free shipping if a certain item is included.

Has anyone else heard of free shipping on one item but required to pay shipping on the rest of the items in the same purchase?

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