Mobile Apps


For a project in class I’m creating a consumer insight report for a local vineyard. I ran across an article “Five Tips for Maintaining Branded Mobile App Engagement” and started thinking how the vineyard could build a fabulous app.

  • “Sneak peeks” of behind the scenes of wine making, wine tastings, new products, and/or medal winners
  • Offer Coupons: Users snap a picture of themselves drinking wine and receive 5% – 25% off coupon to show to the cashier in only ten seconds before it self-destructs.
  • Special Sale / Events like ½ price wine tastings, tour the vineyard, witness/help with harvesting

While any of these events / invites can be restricted only to the most avid fans and followers, the article recommends you make items shareable (working with Reed’s Law). They could do push notifications about wine parings, the correct wine glasses for each type of wine, it’s perfect grape harvesting weather (which is a perfect day for a walk).



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