I Feel Duped

Wow, I knew some commercials were tricky by using obscure verbiage. For example, claiming an anti-aging product MIGHT or MAY reduce wrinkles in a short as two weeks.  I also knew that some visuals can be misleading. Like some food products shown in commercials weren’t food at all, but instead molded and painted to LOOK how they want their food to appear (so it doesn’t spoil as the commercial and/or advertisement photos are shot).

I am shocked to learn that advertisers put marbles in the bottom of a bowl so the meat and vegetables rise above the broth (letting the broth seep through the spaces between marbles).  Cockroach advertisements show their brand killing roaches in an enclosed space and working well then show the competitor’s brand sprayed in a similar enclosed space and the cockroaches don’t die.  What the advertiser fail to tell you is that the second batch of cockroaches were bread to be resilient to the other brand of insecticide!

Source: Kardes, Frank R., and Thomas W. Cline. Consumer Behavior. 2nd ed. 130. Print.

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