Gymboree’s Customer Service Helps Build Brand Loyalty

Yes, I just posted about a bad customer experience I received from American Girl.  On the flip side, here’s a wonderful experience I had with Gymboree’s customer service.

A little background (for those who are unfamiliar with Gymboree).  When you purchase from Gymboree, you earn “Gymbucks” (for every $50 spent at Gymboree during an “earning period,” you receive $25 worth of Gymbucks).  These Gymbucks can be used to receive $25 off a $50 merchandise purchase during the “redemption period”.

Right now is a “redemption period.”  I know I had earned $75 Gymbucks during the previous “earning period.”  Honestly, I lost the receipt with the Gymbucks numbers.  Since I needed to purchase clothing for my daughter for the changing season, I was motivated to see if I could possibly recover the $75 Gymbucks I lost; so I emailed Gymboree’s customer service asking how to apply my Gymbucks.  Within a few hours I received a reply explaining how to enter the Gymbucks numbers and apply them to my order.  Since I had lost my Gymbucks, I replied asking how to recover the Gymbucks number and pin.  Within 3 minutes I received a reply with my lost Gymbucks number and pin! I was able to enter it immediately and place the order.

For those who don’t believe Customer Service is part of marketing, I beg to differ.  I have had three (yes, THREE) bad customer service experiences with American Girl within the past 18 months (twice for promotional offer issues and once because they said they could not accept a party of 5…ever…at their in-store diner).  As a result, I am very reluctant to consider them further for future purchases and will actively seek alternatives for my daughter.  However, I after this quick and helpful reply from Gymboree, I am sure to purchase there again and again.  Talk about building brand loyalty!

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